Satin Velcro Sash


Sweet Kids

Comes in three sizes and a variety of colors! Simple satin sash lays flat across the front. Comes with a pre-made satin bow and closes in the back with velcro. Dress sold separately. This item is an accessory and is not returnable.
original price: $21.39

Sale Price: $9.95

1. Color 2. Size 3.
Black Small (Baby)
Black Medium (2-6)
Black Large (7-16)
Brown Small (Baby)
Brown Medium (2-6)
Brown Large (7-16)
Burgundy Small (Baby)
Burgundy Medium (2-6)
Burgundy Large (7-16)
Ivory Small (Baby)
Ivory Medium (2-6)
Ivory Large (7-16)
White Small (Baby)
White Medium (2-6)
White Large (7-16)
Pink Small (Baby)
Pink Medium (2-6)
Pink Large (7-16)
Fuchsia Small (Baby)
Fuchsia Medium (2-6)
Fuchsia Large (7-16)
Gold Small (Baby)
Gold Medium (2-6)
Gold Large (7-16)
Grey Small (Baby)
Grey Medium (2-6)
Grey Large (7-16)
Light Blue Small (Baby)
Light Blue Medium (2-6)
Light Blue Large (7-16)
Lilac Small (Baby)
Lilac Medium (2-6)
Lilac Large (7-16)
Navy Small (Baby)
Navy Medium (2-6)
Navy Large (7-16)
Red Small (Baby)
Red Medium (2-6)
Red Large (7-16)
Sage Small (Baby)
Sage Medium (2-6)
Sage Large (7-16)

3. Quantity

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